Programs & Services

Daleel Islamic Association provides a wide range of programs and services to facilitate the needs of its growing Muslim community. We encourage your active participation to help strengthen the Ummah.

Development Programs

Establish courses, seminars and exhibitions that enrich and nurture the minds of Muslims. Contribute to building and enriching young Muslim’s lives through their religious and cultural heritage. Foster a spirit of tolerance and dialogue between individuals, groups within Islam, (Eritreans) and between Muslims and mainstream society. Aid young people in gaining meaningful employment opportunities that lead to fulfilling careers.

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Community Services

At Daleel, we want to create a strong foundation with thoughtfully structured processes, procedures and programs that positively support, contribute to and facilitate the educational goals of individuals. Our community members are at the heart of every service we design and deliver.

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Spiritual Services

Promoting cultural practices that are supported by Islamic values— as per the Quran and Sunnah of Mohamed PBUH. Assist individuals to successfully negotiate between culture and religion as per Islamic values.

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