Programs & Activities

At Daleel, we want to create a strong foundation with thoughtfully structured processes, procedures and programs that positively support, contribute to and facilitate the educational goals of individuals. Our community members are at the heart of every service we design and deliver.

We promote cultural practices that are supported by Islamic values— as per the Quran and Sunnah of Mohamed PBUH. We assist individuals to successfully negotiate between culture and religion as per Islamic values.

Quran & Sunnah Competition

Daleel is excited to host our yearly Quran and Sunnah competition. This effort is aimed at the youth, as we endeavour to work closely with them in building knowledge and pride in their religion.

Dynamic Conferences

Have you ever been to a conference and left feeling frustrated. If you answered yes, we know how you feel. That is why we are working on designing educational conferences that are both theory and practice oriented and that produce actionable, tangible changes within and outside the community. What does that look like? We want to take up challenges within our community, think through them, producing meaningful theories that are based on experiences, finding actionable solutions that make the biggest impact.

Islamic Courses

We are working diligently to design Islamic courses and programs that build strong foundations for all ages. We believe that Islamic courses/programming should be forward thinking and ground breaking. We are determined to build a curriculum that fosters best Islamic practices and excellence in education. Our aim is to successfully assist individuals throughout their learning careers.

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